Montgomery Police Entry Exam Study Class

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Montgomery, NJ Police Exam Study Class

Study Class - Friday, September 27, 2019 

  • Montville, New Jersey

 ***Be Notified when Applications are available for upcoming New Jersey Chiefs Exams - text njpolice to 555888

Register for our class to score High!

  • Our class is comprehensive and covers all the sections of the exam.
  • Each student will receive comprehensive instruction, a study binder to use in class, countless full length exams and Instructor Support.
  • We track the results of our students.
  • Are you scoring lower than you expected?
  • Are you failing to be listed in the top 10? top 25? Take our Study Class
  • Final Exam - Exams to make sure you are ready! 
  • Seating is limited. No refunds or exchanges. You are responsible for showing up to class.
  • Score in the top 10 of your competition
  • Register for the Study Class
  • Upon Registration you will receive a confirmation via email.  

* is not affiliated with Montgomery Township Police but rather we do test prep for candidates who wish to prepare for the exam.