Law Enforcement Fit by Brian T Deegan

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Law Enforcement Fit
by Brian T. Deegan,
Founder & CEO of

  • Law Enforcement Fit, Published by, is the only fitness book and program you need to get into and stay in shape.  Whether or not you are a police officer candidate looking to begin their career in law enforcement or a long time police officer who wants to get back into shape, Law Enforcement Fit is your answer.  Even those who are not in law enforcement will benefit from this book and program.  It is simple, but effective and it makes sense.  No fancy gym memberships or equipment is needed. Everything you need you can have in your house or nearby.
  • Mr Deegan, a former police officer and police academy instructor, who founded in 1999 brings a straight forward, easy to understand book and program into the mainstream of police candidates.  Mr. Deegan built into the world's largest police career company.  He is also the founder and owner of  An avid speaker and author, Mr. Deegan speaks around the world on topics relating to law enforcement recruiting, the law enforcement hiring process, diverse police recruitment and elements of the law enforcement employment process.  He is considered a subject matter expert in the field of law enforcement careers.